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Air Time Pro Model Sticker Pack

Air Time Pro Model Sticker Pack


Air Time - Pro Model Sticker pack.


Each sticker pack will include 9 pro model stickers from various boarders from the snowboard community as well as three Air Time Podcast stickers. 


Pro Model Stickers from - 


1) Keegan Valaika - Noah Salasnek Frontside Air ( hand painted )

2) Hannah Eddy - SLUG & SKULL 

3) Mark Edlund AKA Deadlung - Black and White Marker 

4) Gigi Ruf - LEGO & Film Burn

5) Desiree Melancon - Flying Kite

6) Dean Blotto Gray - Signs 

7) Kennedi Deck - Google Earth Snowboarder On Pole

8) Jake Kuzyk - Paper Shreds 

9) Jed Anderson - Bug & Snowman 


10) Air Time - VHS

11) Air Time - Classic 

12) Air Time - Hush 


All profits will go to the Dillon Ojo Foundation -


Our Mission - The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation is a Nonprofit organization founded in memory of snowboarder, artist and all around nice fellow Dillon Charles-Ojo. We set up this foundation in order to remember the positive social impact and the love for sports that he projected and embodied... all while having fun! 

Our aim is to give underprivileged youth opportunities to pursue sports programs, summer camps and other activities.

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